"Social gaming" is the term used to describe online video games that are mostly accessed through social networking sites. On these platforms, users share their gaming experiences with their network in addition to taking pleasure in the games itself.Because these games integrate with popular platforms, they can attract audiences that wouldn't ordinarily be interested in video games.

What Is Social Gaming Marketing?

Video games that are played online and primarily accessed through social media platforms are referred to as "social gaming". Users on the platform not only enjoy themselves while playing, but they also share the game experience with their network. These kinds of games can draw in audiences that wouldn't normally be interested in video games by integrating into widely used platforms.

Facebook, with its Candy Crush and Farmville games, has been a leader in this industry.

Using video games accessed through social media platforms to advertise goods, services, and brands is known as social gaming marketing. So, rather than making a direct impact on the user, the brand can open the door to a conversation with its target audience.

The development of new technologies and minimal investment requirements will drive the exponential growth of the social gaming sector in the upcoming years, predicts consultancy firm NewZoo.

Since millions of people can access these games on any device with an Internet connection, social gaming marketing presents a great way for brands to reach a wider audience.

Social Game Marketing's Advantages

1. Extent and Division

Social game marketing presents new avenues for brand expansion. Since social games have a large audience, many businesses may find them to be a suitable medium. They also give marketers the opportunity to use highly accurate segmentation because they are present on social media platforms.

2. Awareness of Brands

Through social gaming, marketers may approach individuals at the optimal moment for their receptivity to marketing and offer them entertainment value. As a result, the brand is more enduring and connected to favorable feelings.

3. Communication

Video games are by their very nature interactive. Consumers interact with the brand directly, which improves the overall experience. These kinds of games also promote interaction and increase the likelihood of getting viral.

4. The Potential for Monetization

Social game developers provide a variety of options for monetizing their works, including pay-to-play models and in-game purchases of specific objects or features.

5. Faithfulness

The virtual and real worlds can be combined thanks to social gaming marketing. While playing, users can experience bodily benefits. With the help of this feature, you may develop a loyalty marketing plan that encourages enduring client involvement.

6. Analytics and Data Insights

Social gaming platforms provide useful statistics and data insights that may be applied to focused marketing campaigns. Marketers can obtain important insights to better target their campaigns by examining player behavior, preferences, and engagement trends.

How Social Gaming Fits Into Your Marketing Plan

There are numerous ways to integrate social games into your business using marketing techniques. These are a few of the important ones:

Promote already-played games.This tactic is especially popular in the eSports community. To engage active players, the brand can run advertisements within games and tournaments; to reach more passive participants or observers, it can run advertisements on streaming services.

Include the brand in the competition.For instance, McDonald's established a farm in Farmville. In return for helping them grow mustard and tomatoes, players may earn McCafe points that they could use to boost the output of their own farms. Additionally, users could download a McDonald's brand hot air balloon to fly above their fields for a full day.

Make your own video games.In an effort to stand out from the competition and provide value to prospective clients, a number of businesses have already developed their own applications and games. As you can see from the examples above, this can also help the brand make money.

You must have a thorough understanding of your target market in order to effectively integrate social gaming marketing into your plan. You must choose the best way to contact your target audience and how to inspire and amuse them, as each has a unique profile and social game usage patterns.