Without a doubt, Canon is a leading brand that offers a number of things worldwide. The Canon MG7520 Printer is the better option if you're looking to get a practical printer for your workplace. This printer can produce convenient, high-quality printouts in a brief period of time. Even with its incredible features and print, scan, and fax capabilities, the Canon Mg7520 occasionally stops printing. Perhaps there is an issue with the way the PC you are using and the Canon mg7520 printer are connected. Your printer will stop printing at that point as well if the connection is wrongly interfaced. Don't panic even if this may be a terrible situation! You can handle it if you have the right advice and a complete manual.

Why Is My Canon Mg7520 Printer Not Printing?

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the Canon Mg7520 Not Printing problem. Below is a list of the things. Consider this:

Unsupported or unauthenticated ink cartridges usage.

When there is blockage in the printhead nozzles.

Corrupt printer drivers.

Printer settings are incorrect.

There is not enough paper in the printer tray.

Have chosen the wrong size for the piece of paper.

When the installed driver for your printer is no longer updated.

Effective Troubleshooting Tricks To Quick-Fix Canon Mg7520 Not Printing

A number of successful strategies are listed in the section below. Therefore, you will be able to resolve the Canon Mg7520 Not Printing issue by following each and every step. Let's begin going over the suggested problem-solving techniques:

1. Advice: Verify the Connection of Your Printer

It is advised that you examine the network connection that connects your printer and computer at the very beginning. Ensure that an accurate connection is made.

Consider utilizing a different USB connection if you are connecting the devices via a USB cable. This likely solves the Canon Mg7520 Won't Print issue. Proceed to the next troubleshooting advice if the printer connection appears to be fine but the printer is still not printing.

2. Advice: Check the printhead nozzle

Enter the printer's printhead nozzle first.

Check the nozzle correctly.

Make sure to test a nozzle and observe whether it is blocked.

To clear the clogged Printhead nozzle, use plain white tissue.

Print a test page from the Canon Mg7520 at this point to see if the issue with the printer not printing has been fixed. If the issue still remains, move on to the next solution.

3. Advice: Adjust The Canon MG7520 Printer Settings

It is very important to confirm the settings found in the Canon MG7520 printer's setting area. If there is an adjustment in the inappropriate settings inside the printer settings, then it will be a hard time to print anything. If you don't adjust your printer settings, the printer won't print anything. Thus, do it and happily print your urgent document.

4. Advice: Check the size of the paper

It is very essential to check and confirm the size of the paper already loaded in the Canon Mg7520 Printer. Here’s the step to perform:

Gently lift your printer's paper cover.

View the size of the paper.

Make sure the sheet is inserted into the tray in the A-4 size.

Additionally, make sure the input tray is loaded with enough A4-sized plain white paper.

5. Advice: Use only genuine ink cartridges.

Make sure you always replace a genuine ink cartridge.

Installing a newer ink cartridge is important if you want high-quality prints.

You are now able to start print jobs more frequently.

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps To Fix The Canon MG7520 Not Printing Issue

Apply the auto-cleaning features.

Change a low or empty-cartridge.

Software/firmware updates.

Carefully align the printer.

Release the stuck paper.

Take out a ripped piece of paper.

Remove the paper that is trapped in the paper tray a little bit.

Install the most recent printer driver release by downloading it.

Verify the dialog box for printer properties.

For a One-Stop Solution, Consult Our Tech-Support Engineer Online

Have you implemented every successful strategy in turn? Unfortunately, the issue with the Canon Mg7520 not printing has not yet arisen. Now, unable to understand what have to execute to annihilate this problematic issue. Relax! Enter the toll-free number that may be accessed online around-the-clock. Our skilled expert will answer your call and is capable of providing you with assistance. Believe me! Your printer will begin printing uninterrupted once you've connected with the specialists.